Vila das Rainhas – Ginja d’Óbidos

Ginja d’Óbidos

Vila das Rainhas it’s the pioneer brand of the traditional sour cherry liqueur from Óbidos  A pioneer in the production of the traditional Ginja d’Óbidos, Frutóbidos has elaborated exclusively for you, using a conventual recipe and artisanal methods, this liqueur of a unique and unmistakable flavor. Made from the best of carefully selected sour cherries, andfollowing a long infusion period, without colouring or flavourings, we are able to maintain it’s unrivalled quality, generation after generation.

This liqueur is intense in aroma and flavor, ruby in colour, round and velvety.

To enjoy all the elegance of this liqueur, it should be consumed at a temperature between 14º and 15ºC

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