Odemira the biggest Portuguese municipality in territorial extension!

(Português) Odemira the largest municipality in Portugal!

Live Like a Local recommends the Municipality of Odemira in
plain on the mountain and the sea!


The Odemira characterized by immense landscape diversity, stretching from the plains, the mountains and the sea, a total of 1720.25 km2, of which the Mira River and the dam of Santa Clara, give a special color. In the area, this is the largest municipality across the country, despite having just over 26,000 inhabitants.

Its territory is divided into 13 parishes, each with its peculiarities: Relics, Savoy, St. Louis, Saint Martin Amoreiras Vila Nova de Milfontes, Luzianes-Gare, Boavista dos Pinheiros, Longueira / Almograve, Laps, Santa CLARA a-Velha, São Salvador and Santa Maria, Sao Teotonio and Vale Santiago.

The county is organized according to three distinct geographical / economic groups:

Coastal Range – small beaches appear that cut through the cliffs and the traditional fishing ports that offer the best gastronomic riches of the Portuguese coast. Of its 55 km of Atlantic coast, 12 km are of beach, of which they deserve highlight: Malhão, Milfontes, Franchise, Lighthouse, Furnas, Almograve, Zambujeira and Carvalhal, as they provide a perfect combination of rest and natural beauty. The whole coastal area of ​​the county is integrated in the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina.
Central Range – cutting the county from south to north, makes the orographic transition between the moor, dominant in the coastal strip, and the mountain range, dominant in the inner band. In this space we find the main urban agglomerations of the Municipality, such as S. Teotónio, Boavista dos Pinheiros, Odemira and S. Luís.
The Inland Range – marked by a very rugged landscape, is the stage for the largest forest spot in the country, be it native (cork and holm oak) or exotic (such as eucalyptus). Associated with this forest spot, the agricultural sector and extensive livestock (cattle, sheep and goat farming) mark the physical and economic landscape of a large area of ​​the county that is structured, to the south, by the Santa Clara-a-Velha dam and to the north by integration in the traditional Alentejo plain.

Lives as a local the municipality of Odemira!


Source: Odemira Municipal Council

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